Spring Exam Success

NewsPosted by Susan Tue, April 04, 2017 16:11:13
Congratulations to Elizabeth Henderson of Mull Pony Trekking Centre on passing her examination at Argyll Adventure on the 29th of March.

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Spring Ride Leader Examination

NewsPosted by Susan Thu, March 09, 2017 18:22:49
A Ride Leader and Senior Ride Leader examination will take place at Crieff Hydro Stables, Perthshire on Friday 24th March with a Ride Leader exam held at Argyll Adventure in Inveraray, Argyll on Wednesday 29th March. If you are interested in sitting an examination on either of these dates, please contact the office for more information.

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Spring Ride Leader Exams 2017

NewsPosted by Susan Tue, February 14, 2017 20:39:20
The first examinations taking place in 2017 will run, depending on weather, at Crieff Hydro stables and Glen Tanar Equestrian Centre at Aboyne.
The first exam will run at Crieff Hydro between the last two weeks in March and early April before the Easter break. Glen Tanar will run later once the weather has improved.

If you have candidates for the examinations and have not already added them to the list, please contact the office through the enquiry form or through facebook.

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Out and about at the Crieff Examination

NewsPosted by Susan Sat, December 03, 2016 20:17:03
The three Ride Leaders take a break during the Ride Leader examination to take in the view and enjoy the peace and quiet of the tracks around Crieff Hydro.

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Congratulations to our new Ride Leaders

NewsPosted by Susan Sat, December 03, 2016 20:11:01
Kirsten Kennedy was the examiner for the three Ride Leader candidates from Achnalarig Stables in Oban. Congratulations to Cara Duthie, Karen Rodger and Jenny Livingstone on passing their examination. All three have been working hard to prepare for their exam and were delighted and more than a little relieved when they received their results. Well done girls.

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Congratulations to our two new Centre Operators

NewsPosted by Susan Sat, December 03, 2016 20:02:47
Warmer weather, made the last exam of the year a more comfortable experience for our two Centre Operators and three Ride Leaders attending Crieff Hydro on Friday 2nd December.
Sue MacDonald from The Uist Community Riding Centre and Sheena Thomson, head girl at Argyll Adventure, became our 69th and 70th successful Operator when they passed their exam. The exam started in 1992 with the first successful candidate being Liz Simpson who is now the Chief Examiner for the Society. The examination deals with all aspects of owning and running a riding centre and is not easily achieved. Huge congratulations to both Sue and Sheena. The photograph shows Sheena and Sue with Liz in the indoor arena, where they are observing the group of riders and discussing suitable training programmes to develop the riders.

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NewsPosted by Susan Mon, November 21, 2016 22:41:08
Congratulations to the exam candidates who braved the freezing conditions at Crieff Hydro today to sit their Ride Leader examination. In addition, Kirsten McGregor from Barbarafield Riding Centre in Fife upgraded her 2015 Ride leader certificate to Senior. Well done Kirsten.
Well done to Cara Gelati and Nikki Dayton from Wilder Ways who operate a guiding service for owners with their own horses and riding business from Argyll. They both qualified as Ride Leaders and have great plans for their business.
Barbarafield Riding Centre also put forward Melissa Walkinshaw and Lauren Copland for their Ride Leader examinations which they passed. A great day if a little cold.
Our happy group are pictured in the reception area of Crieff Hydro stables after they received their results.
The last examination of 2016 takes place again at Crieff Hydro stables on Friday 2nd December. Fingers crossed for a warmer temperature.

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Centre Operator Exam and Ride leader Exam

NewsPosted by Susan Mon, November 14, 2016 20:51:47
The last of the 2016 exams will take place on Friday 2nd December at Crieff Hydro. This will a Centre Operator Exam and also the last Ride Leader exam of the season. Centre Operators must hold a Senior Ride Leader examination or have suitable qualifications before being accepted for this examination. Details from the office.

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